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Your challenges

As an industrial, you have many challenges whether it is imposed by the competitiveness of your market or your management

Innovate more & better

Obviously, the first main challenge is to be able to innovate by discovering new products.

The innovation process also involves the use of breakthrough technologies that allow you to perform manipulations that are impossible with existing methods.

Save cost & time

In addition, you are asked to innovate while always demanding more savings in terms of cost.

Then, you are required to develop some methods that allows to reduced R&D and production time in order to faster the time to market.

Ensure safety & Quality

Whether for experiments carried out in laboratories or the production of the various compounds throughout the production chain, the technology used must ensure the team safety and meet high quality requirements.

Support the transformation

A final important challenge when integrating a new technology, not yet mastered by your employees, is the ability to quickly gain skills and become autonomous on it. 

Furthermore, when you wish to design and implement a new project,

you are confronting to several difficulties!

Today, you are:

  • Wasting time looking for the right partners, with the right skills and capacities

  • Fearing that your partners will misunderstand your application

  • Not being able to get your management's approval to launch your innovation project

  • Afraid to launch a major project without being sure of its feasibility

  • Wasting time to manage several partners for one project

Tomorrow, you want to:

  • Have only one point of contact that finds and manages the right partners for your project

  • Be sure that your partner have a good understanding about your application

  • Build the project step by step to have the right arguments to defend it and justify the investment

  • Start a project only in there are a really good chance of success

At The Flow Makers, we know that microfluidics is a breakthrough technology that will allow you to meet all your challenges.

A view shared by the MIT, "microfluidics is one of ten technological revolutions that will change the world"

From the design of your microfluidic solution to its industrial implementation,

we conduct your project for you, in a spirit of co-building.

We build and conduct your microfluidics projects



Animation of workshops

Microfluidics initiation

Ideation / project conception



Design of the adapted microfluidic strategy

Audit and state of the art

Feasability study

Design and definition of the preferred technological solution

Development plan for the microfluidic system



Realization of the microfluidic strategy

Development of the POC

Test and validation of the POC



Implementation of microfluidic systems

Installation and training for R&D daily use

Finalization of the development of the system for industrial scale-up

Our markets

We carry out your microfluidic projects whether you are a startup, an SME or a large group in the life science sectors


Health & Wellness


Beauty & Cosmetics




Water & Environment

What people say

A company from the watchmaking sector

"Always looking for new products, we approached The Flow Makers on a microfluidics issue.

They opened the reflection and made us benefit from the expertise of their community.

In 2 weeks of work, they evaluated solution concepts and were able to guide us on several paths so that we only had to choose the one that best suited our needs.

On the basis of their experience and calculating capacity, they defined the tests to be carried out to enable us to progress in our project."

You also want to try the adventure of optimizing your R&D or industrial activities with The Flow Makers...

Why work with us?

The Flow Makers is a team that builds your microfluidic solution and conducts your project for you and with you:

We listen to you and understand your application and challenges.

We frame the project with you according to the feasibility.

We adapt our methodology so that it is perfectly adapted to your project and the achievement of your objectives.

We carry out your project and manage the project team composed of our expert partners.